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In these times, health protocols to heal and prevent further illness

Dear Friends,

The last 3 1/2 years have been a challenging time health-wise for many people. Regardless of what you think is going on with C19 (i.e. whether viruses do or don't exist, whether C19 is a virus, etc., etc., etc.....) clearly many people have been ill. Whether you and yours chose to get vaccinated or not, everyone needs support for wellness and health. There are now a slew of health protocols for preventing C19, healing long-term C19, preventing illness from exposure to vaccination shedding, detoxing from vaccination, building your immune system, and so forth. Karen Larré of Albuquerque unMasked and the New Mexico Freedoms Alliance has been collecting these protocols as they come across her computer desk. With the help of volunteer Karla Tyrpak, she has input them into a spreadsheet which is organized by topic. Thank you Karen and Karla! This was a huge undertaking! We are providing a link to the extensive health protocols compilation Karen and Karla created on this Web Page when you scroll slightly. A few important notes:

  • These protocols are not vetted and we are not recommending any particular protocol - this is not medical advice. Rather, it is a collection of information for your convenience and reference. Please do your own due diligence before using any protocol.

  • Some of the protocols are no longer available online, such as for Dr. Mercola, due to information privacy considerations. Dr. Mercola wanted to make these available for all of us to use or to share, but can no longer store them on his website.

  • For the protocols that are no longer online, Karen is willing to send them to you if you email her at

  • The spreadsheet is organized by category, with tabs at the bottom of the sheet. The first tab includes the full list of all protocols. After that, the categories are:

    • C19 prevention

    • During C19

    • Post C19

    • Long C19

    • Preventing shedding impact

    • Immune building

    • General detox

    • General, miscellaneous

Some protocols appear in more than one category. Please search in the category that feels most appropriate for you.



We hope you will find some information on this protocols list that is helpful to you, and will pass it along to others you think may benefit. Thank you for your dedication to Freedom and Health in New Mexico, in the United States, and around the world!

Karen, Melanie, and Sarah


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