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Two ways to get involved:

1. Join our email list for easy Calls to Action and other updates 1-2x weekly.


2. Get involved with local and statewide groups listed below.


As we all work together towards creating positive change in our state, local community involvement is very important. Often, we are able to facilitate change locally, but it is more difficult to achieve improvement at the statewide level. When more local communities advocate for change, that increases the pressure on the state to follow suit.

We encourage you to get involved in grassroots efforts within your local communities. Below is a list of NM freedom-related groups you may want to work with including statewide groups and local groups in Alamogordo, Albuquerque, Artesia, East Mountains (near Albq), Four Corners, Gallup, Las Cruces, Rio Rancho, Roswell, Santa Fe, and Taos.

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Statewide Groups

Better Together New Mexico – A grassroots network working on statewide issues including crime, education, energy, constitutional rights, and legislative issues. 


Sarah Smith’s private email list – Information about negative impacts from pandemic policies, children’s health issues, vaccine safety, etc. Emails are sent to this list about twice a month. 


New Mexico Stands Up Ministry – Working to protect individual rights through public interest legal action.


We the People New Mexico –  Follow the Constitution, Protect the Vote. Provides information for citizens about what government is doing and shares information about proposed legislation so that citizens can see how those laws would affect their daily lives. Also maintains a calendar of events for other organizations and groups that are watchers of political activities.


NM Teachers and School Personnel – Hundreds of NM teachers and school personnel who are working together to create change in school policies and issues. Meets monthly on Zoom. 

Local Groups


Legal Group – Rules for thee, and SAME rules for we. This group meets regularly and is working to hold elected city, county, and school board officials accountable. 




Albuquerque UnMasked – This group is dedicated to everyone’s freedoms and unmasking all of the tyranny happening in New Mexico, the US and beyond! It meets regularly and the email list includes information about local events in the Albuquerque area.


New Mexico Freedom Cell – A community group that meets every 1-2 months for fellowship and activism support.




Concerned Citizens for Artesia – This is a group of everyday citizens determined to make a difference in the local community, educate with timely resources and move into action both locally and on the state level.

East Mountains near Albuquerque


New Mexico Did You Know – This group stands for Common Sense Values. They meet regularly and are engaged in community outreach projects. 


Four Corners Region (including Farmington, Aztec, etc)


Freedom Fighters – This group in the 4Corners area is standing up to the mandates and fighting for medical freedoms, with a focus on children in the school districts.


Gallup/McKinley County


McKinley Grassroots – This group is working on freedoms and election integrity issues.  


Las Cruces


Free People of the Southwest – Freedom over fear, liberty over control, principles over politics. This group organizes local events such as rallies and protests and also maintains an email list to inform people about things happening in Las Cruces. There are currently no regular meetings.


Coalition of Conservatives in Action (CCIA) – Non-partisan group working to challenge, engage and hold accountable elected and appointed officials by educated and informed citizens through civil discourse in order to effect change. This group has five Action Committees which focus on 1) Election Integrity 2) Faith Outreach 3) School Education 4) Crime and Local Politics 5) Hispanic Outreach. This active group meets weekly and hosts prominent guest speakers. 


Rio Rancho/Sandoval County


United Citizens of Sandoval County – This group is building an alliance among residents of Sandoval County against the unconstitutional laws being ramrodded through in Santa Fe. Whether it be the anti-gun measures, anti-wall, anti-oil/gas industry or the extreme measures recently pushed through for abortion, we must all pull together and work together to beat them.




Concerned Citizens for NM – We Inform, We Unite, We Act. This is a group of conservative activists putting citizens back into power.


Santa Fe


Santa Fe unMasked – Non-partisan group of truth-seekers and social activists working to unmask what’s happening in and to our world. This group meets regularly and has an active email list.




We the People are Back – A non-political organization dedicated to advancing, protecting and reclaiming our natural and inalienable rights, which are also guaranteed by the US Constitution. This group meets regularly to help members get inspired, activated and armed with wisdom, insights and solutions which will help us move forward in a positive way to create a life and world that works. This ends when we all say no. 

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