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Know people who are sick? Sharing hope.

Dear NMFA Friends,

We hope this year brings blessings to you and your families!

As we start the year, we would like to provide some support for any of you who may be concerned about illness.


Traveling over the holidays, and in the last four months, we noticed more people than we've ever seen needing assistance to get through the airport or on and off planes.

As one objective measure of what's happening, the excess death rate in the U.S. is growing rapidly. As another measure, the U.S. Department of Labor has reported that disability claims for women have gone up 55%.

If you are concerned that you or the people you love are experiencing illness, we want to provide hope and alternatives.

Staying healthy these days may feel like a struggle.

Sudden illnesses include heart disease, stroke, cancer, and other degenerative illnesses.

We read in the news that more people are getting rapid onset cancer (sometimes called "turbo cancer), where people suddenly fall ill and pass away.

Information about prevention, detoxification, and treatment that is helping many people is available.

See protocols at the NMFA's national organizing website here:

Want to offer that information to people you care about, or others?

You can share a business-sized card handout that directs people to this web page with important health information. They can also download the card in case they want to share with others.

Visit to download the printable card.

Front and back of the business-card sized handout with QR code to the website


Sending all good wishes for your health and peace in 2024,

Karen, Sarah, and Melanie


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