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Vaccine Exemptions for NM Children
By state law, all NM students have the option of religious exemption from vaccination. This can be a personally-held religious belief. The article below provides information about the exemption process and sample exemption text.
Local Foods and Farms
Below are two resources where New Mexicans can learn more about
where and what foods are being produced locally.

These resources may help people increase their food security and nutrition
while also supporting local farmers and growers.
Guide to Homeschooling in New Mexico

Practical information and resources about the following for those who are

considering homeschooling as an alternative to public school:

- Legal requirements for homeschooling in NM

- Getting started with homeschooling

- Homeschool groups and co-ops in NM

- Hybrid schooling

- Approaches to homeschooling

- Curriculum

Vegetable Farm
COVID-19 and Other Treatment Protocols
Below is an extensive list of protocols that includes information about treatment and prevention of COVID-19, Long COVID, Detoxing, and Immune Building.
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