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NM Schools: Drag Performance at Prom + Sexually Explicit Books in Schools

Dear New Mexicans,

There continue to be many issues of concern in NM schools.  Below is information about the following issues in NM schools:

  • Drag queen performance at an Albuquerque high school prom

  • Age-inappropriate sexually explicit books in school districts across NM

  • Interview on improving education in New Mexico


These issues are not isolated to New Mexico. Through our national coalition, we know that many other states are dealing with the same problems.  For instance, in New Jersey the Attorney General has filed lawsuits against local school boards that have enacted policies to ensure that parents are informed about transgender matters relating to their children. In Texas, the state law banning sexually explicit age-inappropriate books in schools is being challenged in court. 



Recently, a drag queen performed at the prom for Atrisco Heritage Academy High School in Albuquerque. 


From the KOB coverage of this, students said: "they kind of did twerk on a couple students it wasn’t exactly the best, but it was something that did happen. And they did let students twerk on them."


“They kind of busted down, and I’m pretty sure they showed their crotch a little bit. The clothing was a little skimpy, if that’s the correct way to put it,” said a student. 

Parents were rightfully outraged by this sexualized performance at a school event. Atrisco Heritage Academy has now placed the Principal and others on administrative leave as a result of the public outcry against this.



Sexually explicit, age-inappropriate books have been identified in in many districts across NM, including (but not limited to) Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Gallup, Chaparral, Santa Teresa, and Gadsden. 


Inappropriate books are in both middle schools (students as young as 11 years old) and high schools (students as young as 14 years old). Besides being on the library shelves, some teachers have assigned sexually explicit books to be read by students. 


At the links below, you can look see a list of schools and some of the explicit content for several of the books (including graphic scenes of incest, rape of an infant, bondage sex, sex with animals, etc): 

Sarah Smith (NMFA) and Juan Garcia (CCIA) are challenging age-inappropriate books in Las Cruces Public Schools.  This is a nuanced issue that needs to be undertaken strategically with knowledge of the existing legal precedents.  


Any parents or teachers who are interested in getting involved in this issue in their own districts can contact Sarah at



Recently, KTAL radio aired a one-hour discussion on improving education in New Mexico. The radio guests [Sarah Smith, Las Cruces School Board Member Ed Frank, Michael Hays, and Elisa Sanchez] represented both progressive and conservative viewpoints. 


Discussion topics included low math and reading proficiencies in NM high schools, violence in schools, multicultural books, and why kids start school eager to learn but leave school with their love of learning destroyed.  



We will continue to advocate for the children of New Mexico. 


Donations to support our work are gratefully accepted here:

Standing with you for the health and well-being of NM's children,

Sarah, Melanie, and Karen

New Mexico Freedoms Alliance

National Coalition for Health Integrity


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