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Victory + Thanks! C19 Shots NOT Required for NM Kids

Dear New Mexicans, HUGE VICTORY: The NM Dept of Health has officially announced that COVID-19 shots will NOT be required for New Mexico's children. You can see the official press release here: THANK YOU to the hundreds of you took action to protect NM children from required COVID-19 shots by contacting Health Secretary Dr. David Scrase.

I know that our efforts made an impact, because Dr. Scrase told me he had received hundreds of calls and emails about this, and he asked me several times to ask people to stop emailing/calling him about this issue! 🤣🤣🤣 I assured him that I would only do that once I had seen an official statement from the NM Dept of Health that they were not going to require these shots. Although Dr Scrase tried to deflect our concerns and say that we had no reason to be concerned about this, we all know that there was actually much cause for concern considering how the state has handled these shots in particular (which were by mandated by the State for teachers, healthcare workers, state employees, etc.) THANK YOU again for your efforts. Together, we made a big impact for the health of NM children!


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