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Vaccine Exemptions for NM Children

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Dear New Mexicans, All NM students have the option of religious exemption from vaccination. This can be a personally-held religious belief. NM vaccine exemptions only last for 9 months, so the form must be re-submitted annually.


The vaccine exemption form at the NM Dept of Health website is here :


Below is some additional info about NM vaccine exemptions (as shared in a Facebook group): ----------------- There is now one bubble [on the form] that says “All required vaccines” and 13 other specific bubbles if you only object to some. How you complete this is entirely up to you. We have heard that occasionally, if you only choose some, it will be denied, but that might be a one-off depending on who processed the form. Theoretically, you have every right to object to some, but not all... This form includes three lines under the options where you are supposed to write a short statement. I believe a separate written statement will also be accepted (as in past years) but is not required. If you can get it all on the lines provided, you do not need to include a separate page. You may write whatever you wish. However, some of us in this group believe in a "less is better" approach. A few years ago when the form required something similar, an HSDLA lawyer advised us to regurgitate the State's words back to them. Something along the lines of this: "I HEREBY CERTIFY THAT MY RELIGIOUS BELIEFS, HELD EITHER INDIVIDUALLY OR JOINTLY WITH OTHERS, DO NOT PERMIT THE ADMINISTRATION OF VACCINES OR OTHER IMMUNIZING AGENTS TO MY CHILD." The form is not asking you to say anything more than this. It isn't asking you to explain the specific reasons for your objection. At that time, those who provided more were often denied. However, this has to be your decision and something you are comfortable with. The (optional) affidavit does not need to be notarized, only the state's form.

We hope this is helpful information for NM parents and families. Feel free to share this information with others in NM who may be interested.

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Standing with you for children's health,

Sarah Smith, Karen Larré, and Melanie Rubin

New Mexico Freedoms Alliance

National Coalition for Health Integrity


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