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Tell the FDA to REMOVE COVID19 Shots from the Childhood Vaccination Schedule

Dear New Mexicans,

The FDA's Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) will be meeting on June 5 to discuss and make recommendations on which strain(s) to include in the 2024-2025 formula for COVID shots.


The truth about this unsafe and ineffective injection is now undeniable. With turbo cancers and sudden deaths on the rise in adults and children of all ages, it is time to hold our government agencies accountable. 

Let VRBPAC members know that their actions are under scrutiny, we expect them to fulfill their duty to protect public health, and we’re not going away. 


Send an email to the following:


Potential talking points:

  • Please remove these shots from the recommended childhood vaccination schedule.  

  • These shots do not prevent transmission.   

  • Children and young people are not at risk from COVID-19 illness, yet the shots are known to cause heart problems and blood clots. The risks vastly outweigh any benefits.  

  • COVID-19 vaccines are associated with an array of health conditions including increased rates of heart problems (inc. myocarditis), blood clots, stroke, and immunosuppression  

  • COVID-19 shots are neither safe nor effective. Remove these shots from the childhood schedule and take them off the market altogether.  

  • Stop sacrificing public health and instead recognize that it is time to change course. Vaccine injury from COVID19 shots now widely recognized and not such a rare occurrence.


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