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NM SCHOOLS: Violence, Inappropriate Dress, Cannabis Vaping, Trans, Bathroom Issues, etc

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Dear New Mexicans, Through our group of 200+ NM educators and school personnel, we are able to get an overarching view of issues that are affecting school districts across the state. Below is an update on the following current issues in NM schools:

  • Violence

  • Behavior Issues and Destruction

  • Vaping and Cannabis

  • Transgender Indoctrination and Issues

  • Inappropriate Dress

  • Dropping Enrollment

  • Feminine Hygiene Products in Boys' Bathrooms

SIDE NOTE: The prevalence of these issues in NM schools is one reason some parents are now considering home schooling, hybrid schooling, and school coops. If you would like to find out more about the New Mexico Freedoms Alliance Home School Support Group, please email Melanie at


Current concerns from educators and school personnel across the state include the following: VIOLENCE

  • Several reported that they are seeing increased violence in NM schools over the last few months. There are increased numbers of fights happening between students.

  • When fights break out, many students use their phones to take video of the fight, and then the fight video is shared widely among the students.

  • Staff at some schools are told not to intervene during student fights (!!). At some other schools, the staff will physically intervene to stop the fight.

  • A girl at a northern NM school was recently hospitalized as a result of a fight at school.

  • There are generally no consequences imposed on the students who are fighting. For instance, there are no suspensions or other consequences being imposed.


  • Increased behavioral issues were reported, from elementary through high school.

  • Destruction of boys' bathrooms was reported. Students purposely destroy paper towel holders, clog toilets, damage toilets/urinals, etc.

  • Several staff reported that the issues in both girls and boys bathrooms are so prevalent that staff often will not use these bathrooms.


  • There are issues related to vaping and cannabis at many schools.

  • School bathrooms, in particular, are places where students are known to be vaping nicotine and marijuana concentrates.

  • Studies have shown that legalization of cannabis and increased density of cannabis dispensaries both lead to a lower perception of risk in adolescents, leading to increased substance abuse by children. Here is one such study, and I can share additional references if desired.


  • Some schools have a high level of transgender indoctrination.

  • Children in some schools, including elementary schools, are being asked to identify which pronouns they want to be called by.

  • A high school health class in Albuquerque included a lesson on the "Genderbread Person". Student artwork of the Genderbread Person was posted in the halls of the school.

  • There is concern that there will be increased issues in school bathrooms now that gender-confused students are being allowed to use any bathroom of their choice.

  • For a more in-depth look at the trans issues happening in NM Schools, please watch the following Saving New Mexico Education panel discussion. This features new undercover footage from NM schools as well as discussion from Steve Pearce, Representative Stefani Lord, Casey and Myke Petersen, and more.


  • Student dress codes are not being enforced in multiple schools.

  • Girl students are often dressing in revealing clothing, even down to 4-5th grade, with excessive amounts of cleavage, midriffs, and derriere being exposed.

  • A trans student in an Albuquerque high school dresses very inappropriately, including very short shorts with pierced nipples being exposed combined with high heels and a platinum blond wig. The schools staff is told they cannot enforce any dress code.


  • Multiple school districts are seeing a decrease in enrollment, leading to budget shortfalls.

  • For instance, both Santa Fe and Albuquerque public schools are seeing a considerable drop in enrollment. Some schools are being closed and/or combined with other schools.

  • Many parents are choosing to pull their kids out of public school due to the many issues related to school schedules, indoctrination, and transgender issues. Thus, the number of students participating in homeschooling and private schools is increasing greatly.


  • The NM Legislature passed a Bill to require schools to supply feminine hygiene products in boys' bathrooms.

  • Although the statewide statute has not yet taken effect, Albuquerque Public Schools has already started installing feminine hygiene product dispensers in boys' bathrooms.

  • Some boy students have expressed confusion and anger at the fact that there are now feminine hygiene products in their bathrooms.

  • School staff have concerns over what inappropriate things teenage boys will potentially be doing with the feminine hygiene products.

Donations to support our work are gratefully accepted here: Standing with you for the health and well-being of NM's children, Sarah, Melanie, and Karen New Mexico Freedoms Alliance National Coalition for Health Integrity


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