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Legislative Wins & Misses, + Current Calls to Action

Dear New Mexicans, We need more help this week in pushing on the NM Legislature to uphold our fundamental freedoms. We also wanted to give you an update on some of the Bills of concern.

Legislative Wins and Misses

Two Bills that have been successfully stopped:

  • HB217 - This Bill would have allowed 16- and 17-year-olds to vote. You can go here to easily say "Thank You" to the Legislators who voted to kill this Bill:

  • HB28 - This Bill would have made minimum wage increase with inflation, hurting small businesses and also resulting in fewer jobs. You can go here to easily say "Thank You" to the Legislators who voted to kill this Bill:

Sadly, the two Bills that would have limited the Governor's emergency powers were both killed in Committee.

Current Calls to Action - Please Complete ALL of These Again

Many Bills have moved to different committees, so the legislators' contact info has been updated on these. That means we need you to please complete ALL of these again. This list will allow to QUICKLY and EASILY take action. Apologies that this is such a long list! Nonetheless, please do as much as you can! The future of our state is hanging in the balance right now.

  • NEW - SUPPORT: SJR5 - Convention of States - This calls for New Mexico to participate in an Article V Constitutional Convention to confront runaway federal spending and overreach.

  • NEW - OPPOSE: HB101 - Large Capacity Magazines and Assault Weapons - This classifies all semi-automatic guns as "assault weapons," allows existing semiautomatic weapons to only be allowed on private property, bans the sale of semi-automatic weapons, and bans the sale of .50 caliber ammunition.

  • NEW - OPPOSE: SB116 - 21 Years Old to Purchase or Possess Firearms - This Bill would criminalize the ownership of firearms for 18-20-year-olds.

  • NEW - OPPOSE HB238: Discharging Firearm in Dense Population Areas - This Bill will criminalize the discharge of a firearm in a “densely populated area” without exception for self-defense, shooting at an indoor shooting range, outdoor shooting range, or other legal use.

  • OPPOSE: HB7 - Reproductive and Gender Affirming Health Care -This would strip municipalities of the right to restrict access to abortion and gender transitioning services, create legal enforcement mechanisms that will make moral objectors vulnerable to civil suits, and cut parents out of the process. For example, a school nurse could be seen as “interfering” with access to abortion or gender transitioning services if she were to call a parent regarding the student’s request to obtain these services; thus, bypassing parent involvement and/or awareness.

  • OPPOSE: SB 180 - Election Changes - This would substantially revise New Mexico’s election code including forcing counties to use internet-connected ‘poll books’ at voting locations (with no provision that these be secure, opening the door for potential hacking from outside sources), removing safeguards around having a minor serve on an election board, etc.

  • OPPOSE: SB218 - Socialized Utility Rates - Low-Income Public Utility Rates: This would force hard-working families struggling to pay their own bills to help pay for others’ utility bills!

  • OPPOSE: HB4 - Election Changes - It allows convicted felons to vote immediately upon release (even if still on parole). It mandates increased use of drop boxes, and creates a permanent absentee voter list, completely eroding secure and verifiable absentee voting practices.

  • OPPOSE: HB9 - Unlawful Access by Minors to Firearms -

  • OPPOSE: HB25 - Would Raise Minimum Wage to $16/Hour, leading to higher inflation and fewer jobs -

  • OPPOSE - HB 50 - Will outlaw possession of guns with more than 9 rounds (which includes most handguns) -

  • OPPOSE: SB11 - Family Medical Leave Act -

  • OPPOSE: Abortion Clinic in Las Cruces -

  • SUPPORT: HB110 - Voter ID Protection -

  • SUPPORT: HJR9 Joint Resolution to Fight the Rising Crime -

Your voice matters. Please send this on to like-minded people! ---------------------- Thank you for ACTING NOW for the good of New Mexico, Sarah Smith, Karen Larré, and Melanie Rubin New Mexico Freedoms Alliance National Coalition for Health Integrity

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