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HELP PLEASE: Parents Rights Policy for Schools

Dear New Mexicans, Will you please give a few minutes to email the Albq School Board in SUPPORT of the Parent Rights and Responsibilities policy KB1? This action needs to happen before the Wednesday November 16th APS Board meeting. Although this issue is centered on Albuquerque, we are asking for STATEWIDE support because this will likely have trickle-down effects for the rest of the state. We previously asked for support for this policy last month, and the policy is now on the APS board agenda for a final vote on Wed Nov 16. ------------------------------ BACKGROUND INFORMATION Albq Public Schools (APS) has been having GENDER SUPPORT PLAN meetings with students WITHOUT NOTIFYING PARENTS. There is more information about the problems happening in NM schools here:

------------------------------ CURRENT SITUATION: PARENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES POLICY APS is considering a new policy, KB1 - Parent Rights and Responsibilities, that would establish parents' rights to be informed about what is happening with their kids at school. THIS IS A GOOD POLICY WHICH WE NEED TO ENCOURAGE THE SCHOOL BOARD TO PASS. The progressive teacher's union has called on people all over the state to oppose this new policy. The APS Board is receiving numerous calls/emails for opposition to this policy, and we need an outpouring of SUPPORT for this policy from parents and community members before the Board votes on Wednesday November 16th.

------------------------------ CALL TO ACTION: PLEASE EMAIL THE APS BOARD IN SUPPORT OF THE PARENTS' RIGHTS POLICY. (Example email text is at the bottom of this email.)

LIST OF ALL EMAIL ADDRESSES YOU CAN COPY/PASTE:,,,,,,, ----------------------------- BONUS ACTION It would also be helpful for people attend to November 16th APS Board meeting to give public comment in SUPPORT of the Parents Rights and Responsibilities policy. You can sign up to give comment here: ----------------------------- EXAMPLE EMAIL TEXT Please make sure to customize this text and make it your own! Dear Albuquerque School Board, I am writing to urge your support of policy KB1, Parent Rights and Responsibilities. Parents have the highest responsibility for their children's upbringing, and parents have the right to know what is happening with their kids at school. Please vote YES on policy KB1 so that parents can be informed and work in partnership with the schools for the benefits of their children. ----------------------------- You can see the Nov 16 APS board agenda and final draft of the policy here:

---------------------- Thank you for taking action on behalf of NM children, Sarah Smith, Karen Larré, and Melanie Rubin

New Mexico Freedoms Alliance

National Coalition for Health Integrity


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