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9 Days Left: Help Us SUPPORT Good Laws and STOP Harmful Ones

Dear friends,

Will you please give 15 MINUTES TO HELP New Mexico today? There are only 9 more days in the 2024 legislative session! We need your help to stop harmful legislation and push for positive changes for New Mexico. 


Below is a list of new and current links where you can QUICKLY and EASILY take action. 

A transgender (biologically male) cyclist won the 2023 women's Tour of the Gila in New Mexico by 89 seconds (



Let's stand up for the rights of girls and women by protecting their rights to privacy and athletics. Bill HB205, the Women's Bill of Rights, will ensure that:

  • girls and women have bathrooms and locker rooms without biological males

  • girls and women do not have to compete against biological males in athletics


  1. EMAIL the Governor and your legislators in support of HB205:

  2. SIGN THE PETITION in favor of the Women's Bill of Rights:

PLEASE SHARE the petition and email form widely, so we can demonstrate widespread support statewide in advance of the Feb 13th press conference in Santa Fe with Riley Gaines.


EASY CALLS TO ACTION: Please Complete ALL of These Again


Many Bills have moved to different committees or branches of the legislature, so the legislators' contact info has been updated on these. That means we need you to please complete ALL of these again.

Your emails will be even more effective if you CHANGE the email subject lines. That will allow your email to stand out in the legislators’ inboxes.

Apologies that this is such a long list! Nonetheless, please do as much as you can! The future of our state is hanging in the balance right now.











Thank you for ACTING NOW for the good of New Mexico! Sarah Smith, Karen Larré, and Melanie Rubin

New Mexico Freedoms Alliance

National Coalition for Health Integrity


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