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Please HELP Candidates Get on the Ballot: Electronic Signatures NOW Allowed

Dear New Mexicans,

2024 is an important election year. Besides the US President and Congress seats that most people are aware of, did you know that ALL NM state legislators will be on the ballot in November? 


This gives us a good opportunity to potentially change the balance of power in the NM State Senate and House of Representatives. If we are able to flip even 5 seats to new leadership, that will greatly affect what the Governor is able to do.  


Right now, candidates statewide are collecting nominating petition signatures to qualify for getting on the voting ballot. One new change is that ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES ARE NOW ALLOWED. That means that you can sign petitions quickly and easily!  


Candidates have to collect nominating signatures BEFORE March 12. Please visit the website below, where you can log in to see all of the petitions you are able to sign. You can then choose which candidates you want to support and sign their petitions.  

If you want to see who your current State legislators are, you can look them up here:


NOTE: If you know any candidates that have not yet set up their online nominating petitions, they can do that here:

Let's work together to get new leadership in our state legislature! 


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