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More About TRANS Issues in NM SCHOOLS

Dear New Mexicans,

Through our advocacy for NM teachers and parents, we are continuing to learn more about what is happening regarding gender and transgender in NM schools. We wanted to give you another update on what is happening in case this is of interest to you. Here is info about:

  • Trans Cultural Fluency training class that was recently presented to teachers in Albuquerque

  • Gender Inclusion Policy and Regulation that were approved in Las Cruces Public Schools

As always, our focus is on what is best for the children, now and in the long term in their lives.

SIDE NOTE: The prevalence of these issues in NM schools is one reason some parents are now considering home schooling, hybrid schooling, and school coops. If you would like to find out more about the New Mexico Freedoms Alliance Home School Support Group, please email Melanie at

Trans Cultural Fluency Training

Albuquerque Public Schools recently offered an optional class on Transgender Cultural Fluency to teachers. $50 was paid to each teacher who attended this class.

The class was ostensibly aimed at helping teachers learn how to support trans students in the classroom. However, the class included many unsubstantiated claims and ideological framework including the following:

  • The sexual organs a person is born with are irrelevant to the person's gender, and that gender is essentially just a cultural construct.

  • A boy who chooses to play with dolls is not actually a boy but is non-binary instead. A girl who wants to play football is not actually a girl but is non-binary instead.

  • Addressing a trans student by the name and pronouns they were assigned at birth is extremely disrespectful, and teachers were advised on how to model the language and behavior.

  • Gender dysphoria is normal and society is to blame for the mental health problems and suicides of trans students.

  • Using puberty blockers just pauses puberty while the child decides which puberty to go through.

Here are several slides from the presentation:

You can view the full presentation slides here: You can see some video from the class here:


Las Cruces Public Schools Gender Policy

Earlier in 2022, the Las Cruces School Board approved Policy JBD and Regulation JBD-R, both relating to "Gender Inclusive Schools." According to these documents:

  • Teachers are to refer to students by their chosen name and pronouns.

  • Trans students are given full access to bathrooms and locker rooms in their chosen gender identity.

  • Trans students are allowed to participate in sports in their chosen gender identity.

Here are several pages from the documents for your reference.

We hope this information helps you better understand what is happening in NM schools in relation to Transgender issues. Standing with you in solidarity, Sarah, Karen, and Melanie New Mexico Freedoms Alliance National Coalition for Health Integrity


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